Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

366 Project

Dear friends who have started a band and have asked me to be their photagrapher.




Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back Home- Christmas

God is good. I returned just before Christmas from the Central Asian country where I have been serving as a homeschool teacher for two American families for the past five months. I'm so happy to be home. It is really good to reconnect with my family members and once more be actively part of a family. I lived in my own small apartment in the same compound (behind very high walls) with one of the families for whom I worked, so I am re-learning how to interact with my 13 family members. However, God is forever faithful, and He is really helping me.

Our family Christmas was lovely. We had much joy and laughter. The only sad part of our holiday was that my older sister Anna, who was married in March, was not here. It still seems strange to me that my family won't be all together all the time because we are getting old enough to begin  to follow our own paths.
My youngest sister was really happy with this gift from her parents.

It is so good to be back with my sisters. I have missed them SO much.

 My sisters are my best friends, so it has been really hard not to be with them. I am grateful to God for the relationships that we have, and am delighted to be with them once again for about a month.

Natasha was overjoyed when she received this cowgirl's hat from John.

I relished watching the beautiful faces of my brothers and sisters as they both opened gifts and gave them.
Alexander was, as usual, surrounded by girls. :)

We had some very dear friends over on Christmas night. We had a blast.
As you can see, I had a great Christmas with my family. God was good to let me to be home for Christmas. Thank you all for your prayers and support during my time away. I will always be grateful.