Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Facts

 I was able to go to a wedding today, and as usual it was loud, full and fun! The groom's family are friends of ours, actually some of my closest friends here.

Being foreigners we have A LOT of attention that we don't want. They have camera men taking vidoes of the whole wedding, and because we are different they really enjoy taking videos of us. They seem to find it amusing to take videos while we eat.....I am not sure why, but they do. :) The bride and groom do not look as happy as my own sister and brother-in-law did on their wedding day. That makes me sad. The bride looks very sad and the groom doesn't smile during the whole wedding. It makes me want to pray for them, they need Jesus.

I thought I would tell you all some random facts about this country :

1. They drink tea all year, even during the summer when it is REALLY hot.
2. You can't sweep towards anyone, it is insulting the person because you are pushing the dirt towards them.
3. You can only eat with your right hand.
4. They love trying to make us dance at parties and weddings :)
5. You become more important than the father once you enter their home as a guest.
6. They guys hold hands (it just means that they are really good friends)
7. They love using oil for their hair. A LOT!! I thought i used a lot of hairspray, but they use more oil than I use hairspray.
8. They love to pinch my cheeks. It hurts!!!!
9. They don't smile for pictures.....unless you ask them to or say something funny right as you take the picture.
10. They try to fatten us up by making us eat a lot of candy and cake....and by drinking a lot of tea.

I think 10 random facts is enough for now, enjoy.