Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was blessed last night(my time) to be able to play with some kids. They found a cowboy hat and gun and had a ball acting out for me.

These two boys are brothers.

I could tell that they had watched some movies becaus they knew exactly how to get into postion.
This beautiful little girl is the sister or cousin of the two boys. She LOVED having pictures taken of her.

AW!!! :)

When I return to America anytime that someone says, “Aw!” I will want to reply, “Aw mayhoren?” …………………

On Friday I went on a visit into one of the villages where some of my friends live. We had a great time together, we laughed and did some talking. In total I spent about six hours with them. I have really enjoyed getting to know the people here, they have very loving hearts of generosity and friendship. They make you feel very welcome.

Well, while I was there at their house one of the women decided that she REALLY liked my cheeks……so she pinched them! I said, “Aw!!!” Her reply was, “Aw mayhoren?” Which means, “You want water?” She found it so funny that she kept pinching my cheeks so that I would say “Aw” and then she would once again ask me, “Aw mayhoren?”  At last I decided not to say anything when she pinched me, until she finally gave up.

When you go to visit someone, they make a really good meal for you. They prepare a salad, some kind of fruit, a dish called Pollow, which is made with rice, raisins, shredded carrots and beef. It is SO good! They also serve tea (choi), and make sure you drink it.J I have come to really like tea since I have been here. I have drank more tea then water while I have been here.

Someone asked me to write about the shopping here. All the shopping happens at the bazaar. There are many little shops where families sell their fruit, vegetables and any other goods that they grow. We buy our food from them. Actually, our day guard goes to the bazaar to buy our food. But the clothing is in a different part of the bazaar. It is an underground ‘mall’ sort of thing. There are many, many different shops, some with already made clothes and others with just cloth to make outfits. I have mostly shopped at just the cloth stores. Men are the only ones who work in the shops, which I find kind of strange.

I am doing really well, I have really loved being here. God has been really gracious to me and has given me favor with the people. I love teaching the kids and being with the foreign families. They have been a blessing to me.

I start my teaching at 8 o’clock and finish around 11 o’clock most of the time. Then I either go visiting someone are write in my journal, read my Bible or rest. 

I learned that I am going to return home for Christmas!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is SO good! He gives so many good gifts to His children. I was preparing myself for missing Christmas, and then He gives me my Christmas gift early! J

Well, thank you all again for all your support and prayers. I am so blessed to have such great friends! I am grateful to God for you. Please continue praying that I would be a blessing to the people here, and that I would bring honor to God in everything that I do. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things I Love Here

Here is a short update:

There are a few things that I really love about the place that I am living in. I have been blessed by having been placed into a place that I love.

I love the people, they are really friendly. I like to spend time with them and learn more about them and their culture.

I love the kids here. They are really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how they try to speak English to me when they see me walking by. I love being able to interact with them.

I also love all the kites that are flown here. At one time there will be about 15-20 kites in the sky. The kids here are amazing at flying kites. They make them from plastic bags that they find. They use sticks and string to build them. And they let them fly!!!! And the kite goes into the air 50-60ft. It is amazing to watch. I remember trying to fly kites back home, and finding it VERY hard. These kids make it seem really easy.

I also love the food. They eat a lot of bread, which they call 'nan'. It is round, and amazing!!! I know my brother Joe liked it when he was here. They also eat a lot of rice, it has raisins and meat. I really like the rice dish. And I get to eat it A LOT!!!!!

Well, I am off to bed now.