Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am sorry that I have not written for so long. I have not had internet for many days now. I have been very busy going to weddings, having friends over, visiting and learning the language.

I had two of my friends over on Thursday. They stayed from 7:30a.m. - 4:00 p.m, so most of the day. We had a lot of fun. I taught them Cotten-Eyed Joe, they got the steps of the song but not the fact that they had to go with the beat. When we were dancing to their music they decided to try Cotton-Eyed Joe to their music and it worked!!

We also played piano. I taught them some and they also just played around on it. They love all kinds of instruments. They also loved playing the guitar. They tried to teach me how to play a drum that they have here, but I didn't get it. The drums are played by the women at any women's party.

I have had a great time teaching my students. This is our forth week and I still like it, which I think is a good sign. The students still like school, which is also a good sign.

I got some clothes made for myself. One is pink and the other one (everyone who knows me well will not be surprised) is purple. I really like the clothes that I get to wear here. They are really comfortable and very beautiful. I liked going shopping for the fabircs. It was fun to see all the different colors and patterns.

Here is one of my outfits:
This is my pink outfit. I have not yet taken a picture of the purple outfit.

This is how we get from place to place in the city. It is a motorcycle with a cart attached, where we sit.

This is my bedroom partner, I found him crawling on my bed:

His name is Scorpi. This is after he is dead, I didn't like him too much.

A week or so ago, we found a puppy. We took care of him for two days.We fed him and washed him and then returned him. It was only a month or two old, and extremely cute!

Here it is after I had given it a bath and warm milk:

Over all I am doing really well. I love living here and I love all the people. Thank you for all your prayers.                                           



  1. Love you updates, Z, and so glad you are enjoying life there!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, Z! It's so cool to see the culture and learn more about where you are and the stuff that you're doing :)
    Glad you're having fun!!
    love and miss you,

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! your pink outfit :D
    But not as much as I love my Z! <3
    I miss you so so much, but I'm glad you're content with where you're at :)


  4. Z!!! We love you and miss you! Big Hug!! Auntie Heather for the N's

  5. Hey, you look beautiful in your new outfit! But then again, you always look beautiful ;) What an adorable puppy...if it comes back, bring it home for me! (haha Dad would love that)

  6. I loved getting to see YOU in this post. I continue to rejoice that you are relishing life there, although I miss you very much! I hope you'll have someone take a picture of you in your other outfit. No more sleeping with Scorpions, my dear daughter!

    I need to go pick out a read-aloud for the youngest four. I LOVE u!

  7. We are so inspired by all of the grace God is giving you. You seem to happy and content with all the "new" that is around you.....including scorpions! Whew! We love and miss you very much!
    Mrs. H

  8. Hope the scorp was discovered before you real up-close and personal with him! Love hearing about your experiences.